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GC Fire Sprinkler is the premier fire protection company servicing Orange County, LA County and the Inland Empire for over 30 years. We are family owned and operated, and we live by our “customer first” motto. We specialize in fire sprinkler system certification, fire sprinkler system inspections, fire sprinkler system maintenance & repair. We also provide testing and repairs for dry pipe systems, deluge systems pre-action systems, wet standpipe systems, fire pumps, fire hoses and private fire hydrants. Our technicians use state of the art equipment for all work to ensure we not only meet, but exceed all required codes in NFPA 25, Title 19 that are enforced by all local jurisdictions and insurance companies.

At GC Fire Sprinkler our number one focus is to make sure your fire sprinkler system is up to code, and that your property, employees and assets are safe from the extreme dangers of potential fires. If you are in Orange County, LA County or the Inland Empire and would like a free quote from our highly experienced fire safety professional, give us a call at (714) 998-9982 or contact us online. We look forward to working with you!