Fire Sprinkler System 5 Year Certification

GC Fire - Fire Protection Services

NFPA 25 requires an automatic fire sprinkler system to have a 5 year certification test performed on it by a certified fire protection professional. In addition, the California State Fire Marshall requires a Title 19 test completed every five years. The fire sprinkler system installed on a property must be in compliance with NFPA 25 and Title 19, along with perform as intended by their design specifications.

GC Fire Sprinkler will complete a fire sprinkler system 5 year certification in accordance with NFPA 25 and Title 19. A certification can be granted once the inspection, testing and any necessary repairs are complete. Our technicians will test, service, inspect and verify the following components of the system:

  • Visually inspect for proper orientation, support, and clearance of all sprinkler heads and system piping that are readily viewable and accessible from the floor.
  • Visually inspect all fire sprinkler heads, hangers and earthquake bracing.
  • Visually inspect all pipes and fittings to ensure they are free of corrosion and damage.
  • Inspect for any damage or blockage that could prevent the system from operating normally.
  • Perform main drain tests and record results to verify proper water volume and pressure is available for the sprinkler system.
  • Work, lubricate and test all control valves to make sure they work properly.
  • Check alarm and supervisory devices to make sure proper annunciation and notification is indicated, if connected to the building alarm system.
  • Simulate a sprinkler head activation using the inspector test valve.
  • Test flow switches by flowing water from the inspectors test connection.
  • Test tamper switches by exercising the valve through the full range of motion and verifying that signals are received at the fire alarm control panel.
  • Check fire department connections for proper caps and threads being unobstructed.
  • Check system gauge calibration date and verify the water pressure is adequate.
  • Perform a back flush of the fire department connection check valve to ensure there are no obstructions in the fire line, and inspect all rubber seals inside the check valve.
  • Check for proper signage on all valves.
  • Inspect spare head box for proper inventory of spare sprinkler heads and wrench.
  • Verify that all valves are in the proper position and sealed or supervised.
  • Verify signals are received at the central monitoring station, if the system is monitored.

Once GC Fire Sprinkler has completed the inspection, and any repairs that were needed to bring the property up to code, our technicians will install a certification label on each system tested. The report will be sent to the proper state authorities and also to the property owner. These reports can be beneficial to insurance underwriters and help get improved rates on your fire insurance. GC Fire Sprinkler also recommends that property owners create a red “Fire Book” that houses all reports and keeps it handy in the event the Fire Department checks in to say hello.

Be proactive and don’t let your certification expire! Schedule a 5 year certification test early and ensure you are in compliance with the law. If you have been issued a citation for non-compliance, call GC Fire Sprinkler immediately at (714) 998-9982.