Fire Hydrant Services

Fire Hydrant Services

NFPA 25 requires that all private fire hydrants be inspected on an annual basis. Fire Hydrants can be affected by a number of elements from normal wear-and-tear to vandalism. If your Orange County, LA County or Inland Empire building’s fire hydrant needs an inspection or service, call GC Fire Sprinkler. Our certified and highly trained technicians will ensure your hydrant is up to code and in working order to protect your property.

At GC Fire Sprinkler we use state of the art flow testing equipment and techniques when inspecting fire hydrants. Our testing process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Complete visual inspection to ensure hydrant is not damaged.
  • Inspect crash posts, reflective road marker and check the hydrant for proper paint color.
  • Work and lubricate all hydrant outlet valves and valve caps.
  • Work and lubricate the emergency underground shut off valve.
  • Flow test the hydrant and record GPM with Static and Residual Pressures.

Upon completion of the fire hydrant inspection, GC Fire Sprinkler will send a report to the proper state authorities and to the property owner. Any repairs found during our test will need to be fixed before the fire hydrant is compliant to code. All fire hydrant repairs can be scheduled to be completed by our technicians.

When was your fire hydrant last inspected? If you can’t remember, then you can assume it is probably out of compliance. Call GC Fire Sprinkler at (714) 998-9982 to schedule your inspection. Our estimates are free and come with no obligation!