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About Us...... 1987 to Now

GC Fire Sprinkler is the premier fire sprinkler system testing company servicing Southern California for over 30 years. We are family owned and operated and we live by our "Customer First" motto. Most of our days are spent providing fire sprinkler system testing, fire sprinkler system inspections, fire sprinkler system maintenance and repairs to businesses in Orange County, LA County and the Inland Empire.

Our team uses state of the art equipment to ensure each and every job not only meets, but exceeds all requirements in the NFPA-25 California Edition, the State of California Title-19 and all local city regulations and annual insurance company requirements. We have set up testing and inspection programs that will more than cover all requirements for quarterly and annual fire sprinkler system certification plus complete 5 year fire sprinkler system certification. We keep our records digitized for over 10-Years for our customers.

Whether it be a standard Insurance Inspection, or a complete 5-year Certification and Repairs to get your systems in compliance, GC Fire Sprinkler can handle it all. Our job isnt done until your fire sprinkler system is in top operating condition.

Once GC Fire Sprinkler has completed the inspection, and any repairs that were needed to bring the property up to code, our technicians will install a certification label on each system tested. The report will be sent to the proper state authorities and also to the property owner. These reports can be beneficial to insurance underwriters and help get improved rates on your fire insurance. GC Fire Sprinkler also recommends that property owners create a red "Fire Book" that houses all reports and keeps it handy in the event the Fire Department checks in to say hello.

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